Maximize your visitor management system by customizing it for your business

Create a tailored and efficient visitor check-in system with The Receptionist for iPad’s customizable features. With our interactive guide, you will learn how to use the various features you can utilize to implement a well-rounded visitor check-in experience.

 The Receptionist for iPad’s updates allow you to:

  • Create separate buttons and workflows for each visitor type that comes to your office
  • Design and print specific visitor badges
  • Communicate directly with visitors through two-way communication
  • Present aesthetically appealing branding and identity to visitors
  • Allow multiple language options for guests to choose from
  • Manage your company’s visitor management system across multiple locations

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Take a sneak peek

Here are just a few features included in The Receptionist for iPad that are 100% customizable to your company.

ID Badge Design

Drag-and-drop ID badge design

The Receptionist for iPad features our crazy awesome drag-and-drop badge editing software, which allows you to effortlessly customize the look of your printed visitor badges to your liking.

Multi-language display

Multi-language display

With our unique multi-language translation feature, you can give your guests the option to display the app in a different language as they begin their check in.

Location Management

Location management

By enabling multi-location management, administrators and project owners can save time and effort in adding and managing their company’s multiple visitor management systems from one dashboard.